Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fallout 3: Explosives are Your Friend

THAT'S RIGHT, FOLKS! Grab that frag grenade and cuddle right with it. It's the only thing that'll keep you warm at night and mean it. Too much? Whilst playing through Fallout 3, I have discovered the true pleasure of throwing a grenade into a crowd of enemies, hearing them scream in horror, and watching it explode as it turns them into little super mutant bits. That's right! I've become a psychopath.

On a less crazy note, I had completely been ignoring the use of explosives in Fallout 3 until late last year. I didn't realize their true damage potential and thought of them as something annoying that I kept finding laying around.

It all began in Grayditch.



*flashback noises*

I was crawling through the Fire Ant invested Grayditch. The little jerks had flame breath, and remember that whole part in my last Fallout 3 post about not wasting ammo? Yeah. The ants made me waste ammo. A whole butt ton of it. Plus that whole getting burned thing.

Plus Side: I could turn them against each other.
I went through this awful, awful little town and eventually wound up in some subway tunnels. I had to face five of a type of ant called a Nest Guardian. which logically meant that they were even tougher ants than the ones I had been fighting in the town itself. After I had fought my way halfway through the town, I continued hoping that I could end the mission, get some XP, and hold on to whatever ammo I had left. I maaay have also thought that I had wasted so much getting to that point, I may as well finish it.

I fought through two of the Nest Guardians and was looking through my backpack to see if there was some way I could kill them easily, especially since I decided I may as well waste everything. Then lo and behold, THE BOTTLE CAP MINE

I placed it down hesitantly and unsure of how it was going to work. Remember, this was my first time actually using explosives. I was alone, I was afraid, and I was getting a little hungry probably.  I took quite a many steps back and waited. The Nest Guardian came around the corner, stepped right on the mine, AND WAS EXPLODED RIGHT TO THE CEILING! It was so beautiful. I loved it so much, I killed the other ants in just the same way, and even used the Fat Man on the Queen ant because I DON'T TAKE NO MONKEY BANANAS.

It was from then forth that whenever I have gotten in a super tight situation, I rely on my 'splodies to DESTROY THE WASTELAND FILTH Super mutants *cough* *cough*

Kind of like this:

I'd like to give some thanks to DystopianWonders for poking me with a stick. Go check her out if you like that book stuff. I hear it's all the rage! Somewhere. Possibly. *Shrug.*

I hope to get many more videos and posts to you guys soon enough. Keep checking back, and remember, people are like people-sized people. Ta~ta!


  1. You said Scheiße! =D ...When do we minecraft? WE MUST MINECRAFT IN THE NEAH FUTCHAH!

    1. lmao It has been become my go-to word all of a sudden xD AND LET'S DO IT IN THE NEAH FUTCHAH!!! WOOO!! But srsly tho, whenever you wants :D Thank you for commenting!