Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wizard101 Update! I'm Better Than Everyone Else! Except I'm A Peasant

So, as I'm sure you guys can guess, I've been playing myself some Wizard101 with one of my best friends, Samantha. Well, I think it's important to recognize my accomplishment of BEATING HER!! Not really, BUT we are now the same level almost :D I'm currently in Azteca.

It's actually not that big of a deal. Truthfully, I caught up a few weeks ago and have been in questing limbo since because I want to do the quests at the same time she does them. However, upon finally surpassing level 90, I've come to realize one very poignant fact. My gear suuuucks. I used to be so proud of it, SO PROUD. I was a freaking walking Tower spell with 44% damage resistance! This sense of accomplishment was heightened by the fact that I was an Ice wizard. I felt that I alone could obtain this wonderful amount of defense, and all the other schools of magic lagged behind in all of my level 50-something gear glory. That's right, my gear was, and still is, seriously underleveled, BUT I DIDN'T CARE. My defense made me feel supreme!

And then I discovered Waterworks gear, which not only naturally comes with defense for everyone, but also significantly improves upon other stats as well. I was forced realized that not only was my wizard no longer the mega-awesome character I thought he was but also had to face the horror that I'm a filthy casual peasant who actually has zero idea about the deeper aspects of the game. In short, I am shamed! Banish me to the outskirts of gamerdom! How could this happen!? TO ME?!?