Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wizard101: Level 80 and Beyond!


I mean.


Me in Dun Dara
I'm now level 80 in Wizard101 with my Ice Wizard. I'm almost out of Avalon and I've enjoyed its particular mature yet fluffy feel. The shrines with their ridiculously long names have been cracking me up, but I also think a lot of the qualities that they embody are pretty interesting. For instance, one that I dealt with was the Shrine to Hospitality and Good Manners between Foxes, Dogs, Badgers, Otters, Humans and Faeries.  I believe it represents protecting those in your home and making sure no harm comes to them. The storyline is essentially that the player must become a knight to do awesome cool fun stuff with a dash of epic and these qualities are important to a knight. I'm rolling over the idea of a Wizard101 fan fiction and I sincerely wished I had written those names down.

City of Heroes is Having Tons of Babies

Ever play the now deceased City of Heroes? I did, and I loved it until I moved on to Champions Online in 2010. That's right. I'm a traitor. Please don't spear me. It felt a bit dated to me at the end, but I always harbored a secret desire to go back. It had that certain sparkle of originality. I always wanted to immerse myself back in that game, and I full well planned to when I saw a water freaking power set released!! I was amazed. Champions could never get the physics and looks quite right for a water set, but lo-and-behold the mighty Paragon Studies had done it. Well, like with everything else, I procrastinated. Then the news came and it met the mighty cancellation axe of NCSoft. I couldn't help but feel a bit disheartened, or more like shattered, alongside everyone else. The site is still up but with a closure notice. It's just sort of depressing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

All Glory to the Steam Sale
 And praise be to Valve!

Steam is a digital platform that allows you to buy and play games with friends or by yourself. It has a massive selection of games and I've fallen in love with it because of some friends who practically forced it upon me. But something that I love more than the games, are the sales that happen in the summer and winter. You have not truly lived until you have experienced a Steam sale. It's like walking around in a candy store of savings.