Sunday, September 14, 2014

Minecraft: That One Time I was Pushed into Lava by a Child

Let's begin the story at the... beginning. That makes sense, right? I had participated in a Silver Springs Survival Server Admin Event a couple of months ago. It was basically hide and seek, but we were given sticks that contained godly powah.

Can you see the powah? Feel the powah. BE THE POWAH!
This stick made me enormously happy. Well, a few days later, some guy on server wanted to try fighting people to get their heads. You can essentially behead people and display them in your home. Not demented at aaall.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Trine: Enchanted Edition - That Forest has a Whole Lotta Spikes

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!!

Why a forest would have such spikes is beyond me.

Trine is a game that I purchased from Steam in one of my weakest moments, which have only gotten worse. I bought it as part of the Frozenbyte collection during the Steam Summer Sale. It has beautiful graphics, as seen in the screenshot above. That screenshot is only on medium. Despite the fact that my computer does funky things when its being pushed too hard, it played the game flawlessly. So at least it isn't too heavy on systems, or at the very least not on mine. The company who makes it is a pile of sweethearts because after they released Trine 2, they updated the original Trine with the Trine 2 engine. That's where "Enchanted Edition" comes from, as well as its prettifulness... ness. That's definitely an admirable quality in any studio or publisher, especially since they updated the original games to Enchanted Edition free of charge.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Wizard 101: How to Lose to Children in PvP

It's remarkably easy.

You step into the arena expecting it to be "fun" AND THEN YOU HAVE YOUR ASS HANDED TO YOU!

I've never played in a PvP match before in Wizard101. I thought I might enjoy it, so I went to the PvP arena with my friend (you know, the same one that only appears in my Wizard101 entries). At first I thought of going it alone. I just logged on and thought, why not try PvP? Silly past me. You fool. Then I discovered there were teamed matches, so I went in with my friend. I didn't think it'd be a big deal with me being level 80, and my friend being level 88. I believe I thought it would be... "easy". HA! I'm waiting for our first battle, which took FOREVER for the queue to pop up, and my friend says it isn't a big deal. It's fun and stuff. That stuff would be pain and humiliation, for those of you who are wondering. I don't tend to like PvP because it can be uber competitive and people tend to get mean, but it's a kid's game and I've fought some really hard boss battles before, so why not? You fool.