Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wizards 101: Not Just for Kids

One of the games that I've been into lately, believe it or not, is Wizard101.
Me in Zafaria

I play it with one of my best friends and we use it as a time to talk on the phone and help each other out, more her helping me than anything else. The game is not just for kids. The game is a destroyer of time. It is a destroyer of willpower. I've had times when I was nearly at the point of tears. The game is recommended for children. Don't let the stigma surrounding it fool you. It will crush your soul.

A New Day

So, here's the thing. I've always wanted my own blog. I always thought it'd be really cool to have a place to write faithfully, regardless of views and comments, and just to feel a certain kind of release and gratitude to be able to jot down my feelings, emotions, and experiences where people could read them if they chose, or I could just write for myself, because, you know, writer's love to write for themselves (Not sarcastic, I swears!). Thing is, I've had several attempts at this sort of thing. I've tried to write a few different blogs, my latest attempt being Final Fantasy 14 from when before it turned into A Realm Reborn (holy crap, was that two years ago? No? Just a year? Meh. I'm fine then.). I think the issue was that the blogs were too focused.
One of my best friends has started a cool blog about her oversea experiences, she's traveled in Germany, China and is currently in Argentina, and hilarity insures. I want that. I want hilarity. So I've decided to create yet another new attempt! I give you... A Gamer's Story, the blog dedicated to my gaming experiences! What's that you ask? That's the first part of my title for my Final Fantasy 14 blog? Well this is the unfocused much more ADD edition! Yaaaaay!
I'm actually pretty excited. I used to have a vlog, but I hated my face on camera. This allows me to practice my writing, while also allowing me to write about one of the things I love to do! Besides writing, of course.
So I hope you've strapped yourself in because I've good a good feeling about attempt number... 5000. Let's go with 5000.

Cheers, all!