Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pokemon Firered: Mt. Moon But Mostly a Rant Against Bug Catchers

Welcome back to my Pokemon Firered Adventures! So, last we left off, my Pidgey named Tweeters had murdered a wild Pikachu that had subsequently caused me to drop my game in shock, which resulted in it freezing. Now, we move on to Mt. Moon! Warning: this post is huge. I had honestly considered breaking up, but I have naive faith that you guys can handle it!


Clefairy via
Also known as a mean, pink, slapping machine!

Let me just make something clear first; I never thought of my fellow NPC Pokemon Trainers who demand to battle me upon the slightest eye contact as bright. I even thought of that as moderately aggressive and probably stemming from a lack of attention at home, thus their need to escape and enslave animals in tiny spheres. However, I really have some questions for the Bug Catchers. Back in Veridian Forest, someone explained that there were Pokemon hobbyists around who weren't serious Trainers but still liked to battle.

                        But, really, Bug Catchers.