Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Minecraft: Oh How I Hate you Enchanting Table

MAY LAVA DROWN YOUR SOUL. No, not you reader... Unless you're an enchanting table, THEN MAY IT BE TRIPLE DROWNED.

For some reason, EVERYONE WAS ROYALTY.
All right. I'm sure those of us who have played Minecraft have had an unfortunate experience with an enchanting table, right? I mean, that table just took everything it wanted and left you with pennies. And they were the ugliest pennies evah.  Fortunately, not a whole lot of work goes into securing my levels because I play on a public server called Silver Springs Survival, and there is a public experience farm available. Hahaaa! I cheet.

Don't let that lure you into a false sense of security. Oh no! No no. My story is a dark and terrible one. *makes ghost noises* Wooooo. You see, playing online gets you used to certain things. Going to be away from the computer? Easy, use the /afk command and you are instantly invulnerable! Super easy to do, and none of that sticky grease! Wait. What. Saves you lots of time, especially when you're in an inconvenient place like a cave or out in the open. This is the story of how I forgot. Naturally.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wizard101: The Quest for Fishing Screenies

So I recently uploaded a post about fishing.

But let me use this post to tell you how much a pain it was gathering all those precious little screen shots! I had been taking screenies all along but it was because I was trying to enter the fishing contest at Legends of the Spiral. WHICH MEANS all of the super cool fish I caught had the chat box open, which partially obscured the screen, and it was just not a pretty sight.

You see? DO YOU SEE?!
So I had to recatch most of the fish that I wanted to show off. Luckily, I got the two of them. However the third AND COOLEST!! remained uncaught because those precious little Dekoi who need to swim in a blender got all up in my face. But now that I look at it, the fish size is blocked so this was a fairly fail screenshot to begin with. (the contest was to catch the biggest fish. How are they supposed to judge it IF THEY CAN'T SEE THE SIZE?!).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wizard101: Fishing, all the youngins are doing it!

I was forced to take a small break from Wizard101, because... well... I'm was busy taking over the world. It's true. I failed. However, upon my return to Wizard101, I noticed a new craze that's driving those young whippersnappers wild! Who seriously says whippersnappers.


I'll admit, at first I was a bit hesitant. I thought, why you gotta be all up in my water fish? With your shadows up in my face and ruining the water surface and what not? To speak plainly, I thought of the fish shadows as a bit of an eye sore. I enjoyed having the pristine water surface and I LOVED running through it. Because I'm a bad ass like that, that's why. Then I gave fishing a try.