Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wizard101 Update! I'm Better Than Everyone Else! Except I'm A Peasant

So, as I'm sure you guys can guess, I've been playing myself some Wizard101 with one of my best friends, Samantha. Well, I think it's important to recognize my accomplishment of BEATING HER!! Not really, BUT we are now the same level almost :D I'm currently in Azteca.

It's actually not that big of a deal. Truthfully, I caught up a few weeks ago and have been in questing limbo since because I want to do the quests at the same time she does them. However, upon finally surpassing level 90, I've come to realize one very poignant fact. My gear suuuucks. I used to be so proud of it, SO PROUD. I was a freaking walking Tower spell with 44% damage resistance! This sense of accomplishment was heightened by the fact that I was an Ice wizard. I felt that I alone could obtain this wonderful amount of defense, and all the other schools of magic lagged behind in all of my level 50-something gear glory. That's right, my gear was, and still is, seriously underleveled, BUT I DIDN'T CARE. My defense made me feel supreme!

And then I discovered Waterworks gear, which not only naturally comes with defense for everyone, but also significantly improves upon other stats as well. I was forced realized that not only was my wizard no longer the mega-awesome character I thought he was but also had to face the horror that I'm a filthy casual peasant who actually has zero idea about the deeper aspects of the game. In short, I am shamed! Banish me to the outskirts of gamerdom! How could this happen!? TO ME?!?

Now, before you get any wrong idea, I actually don't mind casuals or peasants. Filthy peasants, maybe. I'm actually a weird hybrid of casual and hardcore. I have intense hours long game sessions and then I'll float away to play something else after a few weeks, or might be distracted off of games entirely I'm looking at you Downton Abbey. Ah, the curse of ADD. Oh, look a squirrel.

So here I am, my foundation shaken, but I have come to terms with the fact that even a game oriented for kids like Wizard101 can have some deeper gameplay aspects. I should not feel ashamed for just bobbing along at the top of the Wizard101 pool with my little baby floaties shaped like ducks while others go diving in the deep with leviathans. For now, my goal is to go through the Hades dungeon at least once to see what sort of gear I can get. That's the "cool kid spot" for players over 90 to farm and get some good gear. Of course, this gear isn't necessary, but if I could just get one thing, maybe I could forgive myself.

I really have noticed how much of an impact my gear is having on me, especially when fighting Storm school poo face enemies, but I shall continue to play, AND TO TRIUMPH, as KING of...



I am shamed!

No longer can I feel proud taking damage like a tank when deep down inside I know I am a filthy peasant! I am unclean! But at the end of the day, in any game you play, it's more important to have fun than to worry about how you aren't keeping up with the rest. Gaming, while often intense, is a leisure activity, and if it doesn't have a rewarding aspect to it and is filling you with undue stress, re-examine how you approach them.

This is something I need to do every now and then, and it's not something to feel ashamed about. Games can make me a bit intense, and in online environments, comparing myself to others can sometimes make me feel like poo. It's just a fact that someone will always be better than you. Always. Peasant runs strong in your blood. It's just something, as gamers, that we must become at peace with this while playing in these oftentimes competitive settings.

Now I must venture off , into unknown lands, to be with my trees, because peasant-itis.

Let me know in the comments about how your peasant-ness has destroyed your dreams!

Until next time, just remember that toilet water is not a proper substitute for tap water! Except in Fallout, obviously.


  1. I often play games non-stop for days or weeks at a time, and then not touch them for three months. I think that allows me to immerse myself in a story while remembering that yes, I do have a three dimensional life that requires time and attention. Be not ashamed of your peasant-ness now because you have always been one in my heart!

  2. Lmao PEASANT!
    I still lava ju anyway! Best player I know! :)